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life is getting harder and harder today and after. which is, only we know how pretending we are. be more mature to avoiding the shit given to your life being, shut the dramatic life, live your life fellas !

Sunday, October 31, 2010

bla bla bla!

bla bla bla..
uwarghhh!! bosan gilak..simple matter pn jadi benda bodo!
aku semakin xpaham..
pening bosan menyampah dan macam macam perasaan bodo yg bodo lah..
senang crita..

xpaham lah..
itu jak la..

unknown joop

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

going better!

situation it seems like to be going better and better..
but somehow its going tougher and tougher.
to many things i was learned about about this life.

learned how much to appreciate people,
learned to appreciate time,
learned to appreciate to myself,
and so many more.

i love her, i need her, and only her.
this felling will never end now and last.

z, i want you to know how much i love you, but the point is, which way is the problem.
i hope you know that.

unknown joop

Sunday, October 10, 2010

she's the one.

It's really hard now..no more turning back..
no matter people see im smile all the time, but the true is, im hurting, damn hurt!
i be in this way for a long time, its been so much better and sick situations..

im looking different?
yes im pretend..im trying to be cool, chill and FAKing smile, but, it's really sick..
i miss her, i need her and i want her...
but how?


no matter how hard i try, its come and come more closed to me!

yes, u are the one, u are the one i need..
marry? FUCK OFF!
i cant thinking bout that. if that way she's going to be happy, im lose, she's win.
this love unset to sex, money and fucking freakin' lie..
i meant it!!
but id this is the end, yes u win!

i just can look and sit here waiting to close my eyes without anybody..
do what u wanna do, see what u wanna see!
all is in ur hand!

unknown joop/sejati/733pm

Friday, October 8, 2010

the last thing!

what the last thing on your mind?
it is such a things?
its not someday, its meaningful somehow..

believe in ourself!
do what u gonna have to do..
it would be the best thing we ever had!

think of future.
think of nowadays.
think of someplace.
think of some people word.
think of everything.

we pretended in many situation, we fight in many war, we get it in the end..
it doesnt matter if we succeed or fail, but what we even learned is the most important then what the meaning of we lift up our hand in the air and we die someday without any lesson?

if this is the end, if the day after is nothing more to calculate and conclude, at least we had ourself..
this is true, this is reality what we gonna face about!
simplicity and contradiction is in front and around us!
just live our life guys!

-unknown joop-