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Sunday, October 10, 2010

she's the one.

It's really hard now..no more turning back..
no matter people see im smile all the time, but the true is, im hurting, damn hurt!
i be in this way for a long time, its been so much better and sick situations..

im looking different?
yes im pretend..im trying to be cool, chill and FAKing smile, but, it's really sick..
i miss her, i need her and i want her...
but how?


no matter how hard i try, its come and come more closed to me!

yes, u are the one, u are the one i need..
marry? FUCK OFF!
i cant thinking bout that. if that way she's going to be happy, im lose, she's win.
this love unset to sex, money and fucking freakin' lie..
i meant it!!
but id this is the end, yes u win!

i just can look and sit here waiting to close my eyes without anybody..
do what u wanna do, see what u wanna see!
all is in ur hand!

unknown joop/sejati/733pm

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