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life is getting harder and harder today and after. which is, only we know how pretending we are. be more mature to avoiding the shit given to your life being, shut the dramatic life, live your life fellas !

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

im not a pathetic liar, but im the ambassador of hell!
people a walking, but i use my wings!
songs have a lyric, but i had a rhythm.

nevertheless, im waiting for an hour the establish my dreams.
sincere, i did a mistakes instead to give an apology.
i live my life with running away not to stand still.

i met only one girl that im dreaming to life with.
i love my family rather than love myself.
i had a clear eyes, but i got four now.

i prefer to eat shit rather than to eat your words.
im the one who loved myself compares to love anyone.
im dead for those who wish me to live!

for awhile after!

wahhhhhh! im here again since im gone for a while.. lol

LAHADA DATU.. the place im gain my experiences about how exactly be in the critical situation and woke up like nothing happened. Its really hard to forget instead to remember! evermore, its closely to bring me to heaven, but worth for me to be in that particular dreadful situation.

Now im here.. like the old time when i was a little boy and just want to know what earth is exactly teach us what life is mean about!

im listening my old favorite songs ever, remaining my beautiful story. Its hard to face it, i miss her so damn much! im to pathetic, singular liar, but in this circumstances, i have to! im not running away, im just hiddin' somewhere only i can jumping high to the sky!

wherever places im went to since i'ved been here is remain me of you.. i miss you..
but what i can do? i did a mistakes, but not now!

remaining you all the times is must, forget the thing is affordable.

shuuuuut! shut up and just let it be joop!

i still dunno if im going back where the place i can commit to my life sincerely, when the time i will back here is still unknown! just i dont have any prefer time! but i'll be back!