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Monday, November 8, 2010

move on.

move on move on move on!

apa yang aku rasa sekarang? aku sendiri tidak taw cam mn maw ckp..
i've been dumbed and dumbed!
love is killing my life..

its so hard and so pitiful to be remember..
it is possible to move on? leave all those thing and dreams behind?
so coward!

i lose everything along my ways until now.
i lose myself..

from this now on, i'll fucked love until the day i bury fellas.
im sick, and im die for all people..
this is really sick..

i've sinner, loser and im who's should be blame..
no one can replace her for sure...
and no more LOVE!
keep it up joop!
girls sucks!

that's all..

death joop..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sedih sangat bace post2 awak...
joop kite tawu kite sume tak pasti
ape yang ade di mase depan!
tapi kalau tuhan kite betol betol adil..
awak akan ade family yang bahagie nanti..
istri yang baik...
anak anak yang akan bahagiekan awak...
there will be someone to cope your misery. someone to embrace you.. someone to wipe you tears..someone to held your hand..someone to go through all the pain with you! keep moving joop..kite tawu awak baik...you were strong enough to face all the pain..