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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

it's me again.. ;)

it's been a long time i didn't put anything in this fearful space eventhought this is what i called a dairy of my life..
many consequences bring me a lot of experiences that teach me how to bring this life to the right ways.

people a leaving, people are stay besides me, come and go eversince i'd been here a long time ago..

pathetic situations i faced along my life, i tented to choose which one can become my only one until today has been!

I got no other option rather to take it as a challenge as a human being. I trust in GOD.. anything happen with reason.. So i guess this is my destiny..

2011 bring me a lot of sad story, where i have to cry often, have to remember where im been, what should and shouldn't do, it's such a lesson to be more strong enough with any other consequences.

I find a good friends, i got a better life, i got a better job, i got a joy feeling, but i still can't find someone like YOU!
i'd try for a several time to find person thaat i can call her a right girlfriend but still it's not you..

Being single, such a pathetic when people ask me, why don't have girlfriend? go out joop, find someone.. why mamat jambu don't have girlfriend? buat malu lah!
haha.. i just can smile and laugh to defend myself with this stupid situation!
i wish i can write something at my forehead that i really don't care about being single! And it's not easier to forget someone that we wish to be with us for the rest of our life, but it's not definitely for us! we lost'em for granted!
When every night we dreaming about them, every second we miss'em like hell, we eat for them, we put them infront, but the reality is, its just what like what we dreaming about! Evenmore we know he/she have someone else. and enjoying he/she life with others.. If you stand in my shoes that you know what definitely what i feel!
STOP with this isn't that really easy like people always does! frustrated!

a year ago, a moment ago, stories created, people changed, but what else remaining? is memories!

2012 started with emptiness and added my a long long time story and memory!
we have to move on no matter what kind of situations we will see along this way of life a day after, till you can't feel the beautiful of your heartbeat rhythm.

i can't promise anything, because i 100% guarantee that i believe people a change with many consequences!

For time being, i just can move on shadowing my unfinished promises!
For those are still remain a fearful moment previously, get it out before u will be burnin' under!

i miss my old-time-diehardfriends, i miss the moment we have a deep conversation, i miss the moment we had a unlimited time to laugh, walk around, flirt,spend time with no other time for important thing,sleep late,kickin' people ass, get drunk, get high, get a unforgotten moment and create some sweet smile!

i'll be back! Forreal, i miss my family which is become more bigger and bigger!
i miss the place where the dirst time i can use my feet to feel the way of leaving steps, where i learned how to cry and laugh, learned how to appreciate people surrounding, teach me how to hate and love people!

From now on, IT'S ONLY ONE JOOP that u' never find another JOOP as i'am! ;)

settled up on 659am/ 1-1-2012

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