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life is getting harder and harder today and after. which is, only we know how pretending we are. be more mature to avoiding the shit given to your life being, shut the dramatic life, live your life fellas !

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

im not a pathetic liar, but im the ambassador of hell!
people a walking, but i use my wings!
songs have a lyric, but i had a rhythm.

nevertheless, im waiting for an hour the establish my dreams.
sincere, i did a mistakes instead to give an apology.
i live my life with running away not to stand still.

i met only one girl that im dreaming to life with.
i love my family rather than love myself.
i had a clear eyes, but i got four now.

i prefer to eat shit rather than to eat your words.
im the one who loved myself compares to love anyone.
im dead for those who wish me to live!

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