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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is life.

It's been a long time that I haven't update anything in this fearful chapter. It's a long and very messed up story I might talk inhere. It's confession, it's history and it's victories.

God is such a great creator. Everything's was done with reason. It's true and I admit that is really true. we did as much as we can, we think every single things that passed in a second and remember it as the time we pass by.

So many things happened. Theres a good and bad along our way until present. It's a lesson!

I've been so pathetic, energetic, plastic, sarcastic, politicize, criticize, and I've pretend a lot of characters to predict and accept those thingy.

I accepted and I rejected things. I believed and blamed so many things.
I did and left so many things. And I also remember and forget things.
It's not my fault if I can't stand still. I'm a simple human being. Did mistakes, and it's a must to be strong enough in this unpredictable world!

It's a journey where we stand now, and it's a prize with what we faught for.

I do believe, what goes around, comes around.

Now of never we feel happy, it depends on ourself how to conquer.
I'm happy with what I got now and I deserve to have it. :)
People come people go, is simple. Only the real fighter will stay!
Go go go!

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