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Thursday, November 26, 2009

caunting time..

for this all over the time,
im with fully myself, im too deep in sadness..
counting time is my only words to describe what im felt about.

on this cheerful morning,
i remain all the time since i've been here..
3 years ago, i came here with mission that i wanna run away from some things that i can explain about. i just try to run away from all those things.
yeah i got it..i happy here..

i got a lot of friends here, not a pathetic friend, but the true friends.
thanks to apid,buddy,dyana,bob,nen,ima,roro,wan,bobo,paiz,farhan,penan,abu,yassar,ajib,boy,
shimie,syam,jack,asri,yon,use,korea,ijat,tatap,som,blues,samsul,sab,lonely,angah and
those i didnt write here..
and thanks to person were always be with me all the time..
thanks zeth..
thanks a lot and that is i just can say to all of u..
i love this relationship.

for this time, i wanna apologize what i've done to all of u, even its all out of my
i cant figure out how deep i love all of u, how much i miss all our time before, even i cant express to all of u all of this.

life changing, mess, standstill, and colorful and the most joyfullest all over the time. but im stand still here and wherever i've been next day after.

this is the last time im taking examination for my studies here..
16 days more for the last paper..
i cant think positively in this situation..
i never been this situation even more in my life i think..
but i really appreciated for all the days and times before..
all the memories always spinning in my heart..

im not talking nonsense, but i meant all my words..
im very sad in this moment. i just can think positively.
tomorrow is raya day.
im still here, finish all my day here before all this over and i just can let all this over by their own way.

this 30 dec, is my 1st exam this examination..

hurm, what else??
i just can promise that i'll be here for the next month after.
this is my promise.
i miss all of u.
i dont know what else to say, i just blank in this fucking situation..

thats all..
thanks again for all memories.


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