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Monday, June 28, 2010

heaven changing to be hell

pronounce life is simple be understood..
simple..only by a little pressure by the Almighty, is been untrusted, life going to be mess.

unregistered, unrealized, and unnatural..
so much thing is going between my day today and yesterday, its going to be mess and unhappy decision, its going to be sorry, its going to be misunderstood, its going to be bad and its going to be regret someday or MAYBE.

its change, its spinning, and its going to be unthinkin'able..
why must be settle up with this way? its remain me so many words to be explain, and so many eyes through its way.

i thought its going to be better, but the jealousy moment crush it out until its being a pieces on the floor..

come out, come in, why stand outside?hiding?
stand behind me please, hold me tight, hug me, kiss me, let me lay on your side and let me die on your arms..

believe me, no matter what happen today and the next day, i still the same for you, and it will be always..

i love you, i care about you, you spinning in my mind everyday, your name combining my my blood, your face in my eyes, your skin is the smoothest, your chest im dream to be lay about, your side im going to die, you are the one i need for the rest of my life..

painting your name, scratch your dreaming-face in my mind when i woke up, and i miss all those thing everyday and its circle everyday and after.

im only confusing to be here, why its hard to understand?
why changing in present day?
im confusing?


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RoHA NRN said...

love ur words~