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life is getting harder and harder today and after. which is, only we know how pretending we are. be more mature to avoiding the shit given to your life being, shut the dramatic life, live your life fellas !

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today and after is the criminal scene to my life..
Its simple, but going to be unfaithful lessons to learn about..

Why must those thing happened?
Why sad stories remains me to be die?
Why mess life teach us to be lay down under?

simple words, this is sin, this is what God want us to face the reality of life..
No matter if all those is fuckin' unrealistic, sarcastic, politicism, unthinkingable, unbelievable, and damn others "un-un", we should take it, face it and eat it..
This is life..
If u seek the colorful meaningful life, find it under your bed it might be there..!!

Dont run, dont chase, dont look at all and dont sing at all..
follow where rhe freeze flowing, foolow the rhythm of music in your heart..
believe me, you will see the meaningful life through your perfect eyes.

In this situation, im too close to be unforgiven..Its hard, its hurting me, its sucks..DAMN sucks!

Every single day is the messy day i ever had.."Lesson", is to be unrealistic word..
"PAIN" is too be perfect sentence. yeah....it perfect day.

I dont wanna sing, i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna walk, i dont wanna chase, i dont wanna think and i dont wanna know the next day after...
i want to be freeze this meaning time, when typing all this words..its the best of my messy day. This is a long journey, eyes close and the next open eyes, i've be a grandfather(im smiling when im typing this)!!so xial!! LOL

thankfully me!

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