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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

im just a wall !


this is the perfect words i can describe who im now..
wall..just a wall..

im a wall..jump away from me..
get a ladder, climb over me..
shit !!
this is so shit !!

im sick for give up words!
just let it be..FUCK OFF !
for now and ever this is i will never look back..
that things makes me down, so upset with that things..
no matter if those thing wa a joke, i cant accept it..so suck..
no sorry words from you..just give up..
im silent, u keep on silent..
im talking too much, you trying to go away..
going with "jgn membebel"..

Its been explained, but still happened.
im sick with that..

i am just a wall..
jump, climb, crush, get a ladder and whatever thing that makes u going behind me..
but dont give the world fucking give up words.
Its makes me more and more going down..
believe me..
if its your way of loving me, thank you so much..
if you say tired to say sorry, excessive, or whatever, im so tired more then everything to give my all for this relationship..
so sick..
just loving you makes me long last.
Believe me, im so sick now..
im a sick wall.

motherfucker stupid mr. right dedicate to ms. perfect!

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