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Friday, July 30, 2010


For the first time in being, i felt so empty..
night changing,i cant feel anything besides, just empty..im loosing my rhythm for eternity of life. Where all those thing is my question...so dont you ever ask me where i'm,who i'm and how i'm now coz me and myself cant find it through this way too.

the best part of me is, there is still strong soul to face it, to face this things along my way..
maybe someday i can find it. but when? its my question.
How far more i can walk through this way? i dont know..


emptiness...its emptiness..

Its like night without stars.
Its like bird without wing.
Its like human without brain.

how its been stand inside me?i also dont ever know it..
believe me, some over days, i might be jump across the river to catch up my life back..
joy, pride, myself and all my own i ever lose along this way.
It must be over there.

today like im loosing something that i used to hug, to kiss, to smile about, to think about and to sleep with and to life for..
Its gone..maybe just for a while, but its hard to explain how it meant to me and my life..

its gone, its empty, it hard and its make me sick..


i hope i can get it back and keep it deep inside my own..
i believe in GOD!!!

-joop(just joop)-

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