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Sunday, February 27, 2011

miseable and vulnerable life being!

Life is vulnerable...

We could change the way of life, but it’s not simply ever after...
We should believe there is more view of life if we keep on trying and keep on going to somewhere else,
and it’s been a thousand of images remind us in the end.

Life is not listed as Romeo and Juliet,
We are not Spiderman and Mary Jane,
and we are completely different towards Edward and Bella for sure..

We should realize that is our life is lil more attractiveness, more exciting, more
Interesting, and more than the others ever since.
the way we bring it, we lift it up, bury it deepest in somewhere, and buy our life some more, its the reality of
stories we shall proud about till our breath taken away and what will remain? is our story!

Somehow, when we calculate how much steps we take till present,
we shouldn’t aware how life is going tougher and tougher even after right?
We cry somehow, we laugh out loud someday, and we keep on frozen frequently...
That’s what life and live flow since we are given name as someone whom has a responsibility to each other.

Memories repeating a lot and grow and keep growing it up in our heart and soul, which is always be our
perfect teacher who’s providing an information, knowledge and a lesson through our future steps after today.

Sometimes, we felt upset what happened in our life past in few years, but ,did us forgot out joy and laugh?
why we just keep on thinking of sadness?
Negative thing?

Where’s the entire perfect thing?
Positive thing?
Joyful moment?

Why it’s been forgotten?
Yes it’s true we are human being? We are always concern about the bad things,
the worst thing that happened along our life, but the truth is, we are also human being who’s
had a good time before.
Don’t be a ridiculous person who’s don’t appreciate their perfect moment,
easily hide and erase'em and keep it behind within their sad story! This is unfair!
The main point is, we are still HUMAN BEING!

we've been pointed with sin and wrongdoing, this consciousness shall be admitted as a strength to be more
unbeatable fella, and please remind yourself life is miserable!
long life for a long journey!

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